Jet Ski Safari Information
FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much it costs?

1 person on jet ski costs 130 euro

2 persons on jet ski costs 150 euro

3 persons on jet ski costs 210 euro

2. How long is the Jet Ski Safari?

The Jet Ski Safari lasts 90' (minutes). After getting changed and hearing the safety instructions, the safari starts. The driving time is 45' and the rest 45' is swimming or snorkeling.

3. How do I book?

You can book by calling direct 00306942460990 (Daiana)

4. What time does the jet ski safari starts?

The jet ski safari usually starts morning (09:30) time or under request.

5. How can we find you?

Click on here to view our contact information and our exact location on the map.

6. What is the minimum age?

To drive a jet ski you need to be 18 years old. Children under this age are able to come on the safari as a passenger.

7. Do I need to speak fluent english to do a jet ski safari?

You don't need to speak fluent english because we are explaining all the safety instructions on a watermarked board.

8. What is included in the price?

1. Self driving

2. Fuel

3. Taxes and insurance

4. Guide boat with 2 drivers

5. Info Meeting

6. Life jackets and wetsuits

7. Online cameras and safe place with key storage for personal belongings and documents

8. Masks and snorkel

9. Refreshments

10. Parking for your car

11. Shower

12. Changing cabins + Toilet (WC)

9. Do children pay less?

Children and adult price is the same.

10. What to bring?

- Beach towel

- Suncream

- Swimwear

- Sunglasses

11. Do I need experience to do this?

No experience required at all. We will train you and show you how to control the jet ski.

12. Can I bring my own camera?

Of course but make sure it's waterproof. It is your responsibility to keep it safe.

Map - Location | Route for Jet Ski Safari
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